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10) The Ugly Omelet

This cute little diner is so far off from the name that it has. The Ugly Omelet is a small diner with some of the most delicious food. The walls are filled from floor to ceiling with handmade crafts and funny little sayings. With their heaping portions and their bubbly staff, this place is truly one of a kind. The diner really knows how to make the most important meal of the day a good one! Going here for breakfast almost guarantees you some yummy left overs for later because they are making sure their customers don’t leave hungry.


9) UNO Pizzeria & Grill

UNO Pizzeria & Grill is not only a great place to have a delicious meal, but their dessert is always more tasty than you remember. From their giant cookie with the melted ice cream to their mouthwatering enormous chocolate peanut butter cup, the choices are too hard to make. The food is always so satisfying and not to mention they have a large gluten free menu for those with an allergy. This charming restaurant really knows how to make their guests happy.


8) King Phillip Restaurant

Looking for a place for the family to go? King Phillip Restaurant is just the place for you! From lobster and asparagus alfredo to chicken tenders, this place has it all. Everyone that comes here to eat is bound to find something they enjoy. King Phillip Restaurant has some of the best staff when it comes to making sure your family is satisfied with their experience that will leave you wanting to come back for more! This place has so much to offer, including their low prices.


7) Bailey’s Bar & Grille

Bailey’s Bar & Grille is a nice place to come and relax while enjoying a great meal. Whether you sit inside by the bar, or outside on their beautiful patio, the atmosphere is always friendly and uplifting. This cozy restaurant has a large menu where you can get just about whatever you’d like. Don’t forget to look at the daily specials, where the chef is always trying out some hot new recipes.


6) Rye & Thyme

Rye & Thyme has all the charm of a classic New England tavern. Large windows, brick walls and high ceilings provide a modern, yet classic and comfortable atmosphere. Their signature wood grill is used to make some of the most amazing pizzas, steaks, seafood, chops and burgers. This old fashion beauty really excels when it comes to giving their guests a chance to dive into the old days to see what everything felt like. From the character of the building to the taste of the food, this place is a top notch contender on making their customers the most satisfied.


5) Sonoma

Sonoma knows how to take fine dining to the next level. Their elegant appeal really grabs their customer’s eye when they first walk in making them know they came to the right place. This restaurant took place in the top 100 restaurants of the US in 2015 proving that they know what they are doing. All the way from their classy looking Asian Crab Salad to their perfectly well down filet mignon, the chef never lets a meal leave his kitchen without looking like it is good enough to feed the queen of England herself! If you’re looking for a fancy place for some fine dining, Sonoma is highly recommended by all those who have attended.


4) Bull Run Restaurant

The Bull Run Restaurant is one of the most thematic restaurants in the area. From the second you walk in, you instantly feel the old fashion western theme. You almost get the sense as if you went back in time. The western theme carries over to the menu filled with delicious country styled entrees. The most iconic part of this rustic treasure, is the Bull Run Covered Bridge. This large wooden bridge is a great place to look over the water below or to take some beautiful scenic pictures. This is a place that everyone should enjoy at least one time in their life.


3) The Devens Grill

This warm and inviting place has a number one mission of creating an environment where businesses and residents alike can draw strength from each other and prosper from their surroundings. The Devens Grill is in a self-contained community where they all work together to make a better environment, while also welcoming people into their restaurant as if they were a part of the community itself. This happy go lucky place is filled with an energetic atmosphere that can get anyone to have fun. Stop by here to see the wonders that such a small community can create!


2) Old Mill Restaurant

The Old Mill Restaurant has a vintage look to it making you feel as if you were back in the 1800’s. It is such a beautiful place to see and the food is delicious. This hidden gem has been opened for 67 years being passed on through 3 generations in the family. The Foster family prides itself as being one of the oldest restaurants in New England still being run by individual ownership and serving over the years the finest food available. The Old Mill Restaurant has a lot to offer when it scenery from their wooden bridge to the small waterfall filled with fuzzy ducks. You always have to plan to stay an extra 20 minutes here at least because there is so much to look at when walking through. When stopping here for a bite to eat, don’t forget to try their savory pecan rolls and corn fritters!


1) Gardner Ale House

A family styled pub that is constantly putting new beer on the tap. The Gardner Ale House distinguishes itself from other restaurants through the use of fresh, unfrozen and unprocessed products. This is not only creating their foods to be healthier, but also taste better. Aside from being a great spot to eat, they are also a strong believer in community help. They are an active member of the community, participating in chamber events, making donations to various local charities and contributing to the local dining and nightlife scene. Enjoy a meal provided by one of the most community based restaurants around!