Stop in our 2 Regions along the way to make your travels even more fun!

Traveling from Boston to the Berkshires?


Hampshire County

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A funny thing happens once you pass the Northampton city sign and enter Hampshire County in western Massachusetts. Inhibitions melt away. People stop noticing who you date and start noticing who you are. Here, every day is an inclusive, fun-loving celebration of what’s possible when the members of a community truly accept one another. Pride Day and every day, stroll Main Street with your sweetheart, wander our world-class museums, ride our miles of bike trails and savor our farm-to-table cuisine.

Visit Hampshire County


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Located in the heart of Massachusetts, we are the heart of New England. We’re best known as Johnny Appleseed Country but with our scenic countryside, outdoor winter adventures, quaint shops, breweries, wineries, orchards and farms we’re so much more.

Whether it’s a romantic night away or a day trip with your partner, we’re that charming New England getaway you’ve been looking for… much closer to home!

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