Top 10 Ice Cream Spots in North Central Massachusetts

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Kimball Farm

Kimball Farm is an exceptional spot to go for ice cream in North Central Massachusetts. Known for its fun atmosphere, farm-like atmosphere and delicious ice cream, you won’t want to miss out on going to Kimball Farm. Kimball Farm has a location in Lancaster, MA off of Rt. 2, with ice cream served daily, along with a Country Store and Café. Come on a Friday night during the summer to experience Cruise Night with over 300 cars.

Red Apple Farm

Red Apple Farm, located in Phillipston, MA, is a wonderful way to experience North Central Massachusetts. Among other treats, the farm sells ice cream topped with delicious fresh fruits! During the Fall season, they have the notoriously tasty apple cider donuts which sell like crazy, so don’t forget to grab a batch of those. Take a stop in the Country Store!

Rota Springs

Rota springs in Sterling has over 50 award-winning home-made ice cream flavors, including specialty flavors ranging from Apple Pie to Indian Pudding. Come during July and you can try their limited-time Lavender ice cream. Rota springs also has ice cream cakes, ice cream pies, and serves lunch.

Bolton Orchards

Bolton Orchards of the town of Bolton has the whole package of sweets, ice cream, deli, coffee, produce and more! They have plenty of tasty ice cream flavors and even have a club card you can pick up or print out online form their website. When you buy 12, you will get the 13th free! Along with the ice cream, check out Gerardo’s bakery to get your hands on some Italian classic pastries.

Cherry Hill Ice Cream

Given two mentions by readers for the best ice cream in Boson, Cherry Hill in Lunenburg and Cherry Hill Too in Townsend makes for a great family outing to enjoy fresh made ice cream. Very well known for years in the area and has great prices as well!

Kay’s Ice Cream

Kay’s Dairy Bar in Westminster will have you satisfied whether you’re in the mood for some fresh seafood, a grilled burger or to satisfy a sweets’ craving with great ice cream. There is plenty of seating available outside, perfect for the summertime weather. Don’t worry, if it happens to rain, there are covered seating areas too. 

Cold Stone Creamery

Famous all over the U.S. is Cold Stone Creamery. This one is in Leominster and happens to be another fantastic ice cream parlor you can bring your family and friends to. If you really have a craving for ice cream on a hot summer day but it’s raining out, well come by Cold Stone creamery to avoid getting wet! They have specialty ice cream treats as well like, ice cream cake, ice cream filled cupcakes and much more creative treats for everyone to enjoy.

Carol’s Dairy Bar

Another local classic located on Summer Street in Fitchburg MA, Carol’s Dairy Bar! You will not be disappointed whether you’re trying to get some fried chicken and French fries or a lobster roll with coleslaw, but especially not the ice cream. Their proportions are out of this world so be sure to bring the whole family or a group of friends to share it with! Plenty of seating outside.

Murdock Farm Dairy & Dairy Bar

In Winchendon MA, Murdock Dairy Bar was opened in 1964 selling homemade quality ice cream. You’ll experience a country fell for sure at this ice cream gem destination. Even lick away at your ice cream while looking at the farm’s animals!

Johnson’s Restaurant & Dairy Bar

With ice cream made on the premises since 1946, Johnson’s Restaurant & Dairy Bar will bring the kid out in everyone! Not only do they have homemade ice cream, they have everything from fried seafood to a diner like breakfast feel. No matter the time of day or night, or the fried food/sweet cravings you have, Johnson’s Restaurant & Dairy Bar has everything you need for a perfect date, family outing or friends get together!