Sleigh Bells Ring

  • David Ginisi

templeton-common-john-burk-for-webIn New England, the arrival of winter can mean chilly winds and drifts of snow. Sure, the temperature drops and the days get short.

But wait! There’s a positive side to the flying snow and dark evenings — especially in December, when businesses, homeowners and communities swing into the holiday spirit and light up the night. Rooftops, trees and town bandstands sparkle with thousands of lights that glisten on the snow.

Gather the family for a light-seeing trip through Hubbardston on the first two weekends in December — and you can vote for your favorite holiday light displays, as neighbors compete for decorating honors.

For a special treat, take a ride to Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: enchanting holiday light displays and the cozy warmth and blooms of the Orangerie or Limonaria.

Look at the bright side of the season! Visit the downtowns, town commons and parks throughout North Central Massachusetts … and enjoy the winter wonderland spread out before your eyes.


Pictures by: John Burke

Story by: Pat Gale