The Perfect Trails to Lead you into Fall

  • Visit North Central

Whether you’re trying to get a few more trails in before the summer ends, or you can’t wait to start hiking once it cools down and the fall foliage pops up, North Central Massachusetts has all your hiking needs. If you’re looking for a more difficult root to keep the blood flowing or want something toned down to a leisurely pace, we have what you’re looking for!

  1. Mount Wachusett – Princeton & Westminster, MA

wachusettMount Wachusett State Reservation is one of Central Massachusetts biggest destinations. Home to the Wachusett Mountain ski resort that entertains thousands during the winter months, Mount Wachusett also has over 17 miles of trails with beautiful scenery and views. At the peak, you can even see out to Boston. Wachusett also hosts numerous events, like the Farm Fresh Festival and KidsFest. It’s the perfect mountain to do it all! 


  1. Mount Watatic – Ashburnham, MA

This 3-mile hike is perfect for anyone looking for a moderate loop that still contains those stunning views from the peek. Mount Watic is also a leading hawk watching site and is dog friendly. Mount Watic has multiple levels of trails, to accommodate to all levels of hikers.

  1. The Midstate Trail – Central Massachusetts

For those who are looking for a challenge or want to take on a large chunk of hiking, the Midstate Trail is for you. The trail winds through 14 North Central Massachusetts Communities, stretching even larger from Rhode Island to New Hampshire. No matter where your location is in North Central you’ll find a segment of the trail right by!

  1. Crow Hill – Leominster, MA

This less strenuous hike is only 1.3 miles long, which is perfect for a relaxing hike with family and friends. Not only is the trail perfect to hike, but it is also used for nature trips and bird watching.

  1. Rail Trail – Pepperell, MA

This leisurely hike is ideal for anyone looking for a slower change of pace and really trying to take in the scenery. Winding through views of vast green, and small ponds nestled within, The Rail Trail is a calm and soothing hike.

  1. Wachusett Reservoir and Reservation Trail – Clinton, MA
    This mile and a half loop has a decent amount of foot traffic through the summer and fall months. Not only can you check out the peaceful reservation but you will also see gorgeous wild flowers and wild life.
  2. Fruitland Trails – Harvard, MA

The Fruitland Trails do not disappoint. The scenic trails cover over 2 miles of the vast 210 acres. In addition, the trails pass through a variety of environments: meadows, wetlands, woodlands, and pine barren. Lastly, if you pick up a map for your journey you’ll be able to follow along to see what environment or historic site you are at!



  1. Doane’s Falls & Royalston Falls– Royalston, MA

These two trails in Royalston offer quite the adventure! Both offering sites to gorgeous waterfalls. The perfect way to cool down on your hike! Doane’s Falls located north of Quabbin gives passerby’s a glimpse of the Lawrence River, with only a .3 mile hike to the 175-foot drop waterfall.  While, Royalston Falls offers a little bit of a challenge, with a 1.6 round trip trail through the deep gorges to the 50-foot waterfall.

  1. Redemption Rock Trail

This reservation may only be one-quarter acre in size, but the reservation is home to North Central Massachusetts history. The granite ledge “Redemption Rock” is inscribed with the plot of the colonial hostage negation and release from captivity of Mary White Rowlandson. Not only can you enjoy the outdoors, but you get to see a part of local history!

  1. Split Rock Hiking Trail – Bolton, MA

This trail is perfect for all skill levels of hiking, making it a great place to bring the whole family. The trail stretches a mile and half and tends to be moderately occupied. You can turn your hike into a beautiful day by stopping by Bolton Orchards before or after to pick up some fresh produce for energy!