More Spots for Great Vistas

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Wachusett Mountain may be the most obvious choice for great vistas, but it’s certainly not the only high spot in Johnny Appleseed Country!

Rollstone Hill in Fitchburg, complete with the city’s high school colors painted on a broad, rock outcrop, is a local icon — and Leominster is not without a similar lofty lookout.

As a tall point along the Monoosnoc Ridge, North Monoosnoc peak seems to loom over Twin City Plaza as you gaze to the south and west across Route 2. A well-worn set of trails makes the peak easily accessible and is the perfect hike for someone who wants to spend no more than an hour for a round trip.

It’s also ideal for those who want a challenge that’s not too strenuous; and to top it off—all comers are rewarded with a view. If you think you’re too out of shape to climb a hill, you can walk it in short bits with frequent rest stops and allow a leisurely hour or more to the summit.

The quickest route offers a steady but not steep climb that starts right next to Route 2 near the Merriam Avenue exit. To get to the trailhead, drive to the end of West Street as follows: from the corner of Merriam Avenue and Lindell Street, head west on Lindell and stay straight; it will merge with West Street and continue through one of the city’s newest neighborhoods.

The road will eventually end at the corner of Harwood Terrace, then continues as an unpaved driveway into a small parking lot. From there, just follow the blue dot blaze of the Monoosnoc Ridge Trail.

Good hiking!