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There’s no shortage of fun events in North Central Massachusetts — but we’ve highlighted a few of our faves to enjoy while you’re visiting the region. Get out your calendar, and pencil in these special celebrations.

Curling - a granite stone with red handle on the ice field

Curl Up with a Good Rock
You’ve watched during the Winter Olympics… in total bewilderment. Yes, curling is an Olympic sport — but without the recognition afforded to speed skating, skiing, or even the heart-stopping luge.

But here’s your chance to de-mystify that icy bit of teamwork. On Sunday, October 9, the Petersham Curling Club will offer an opportunity to learn curling. In two short hours, you can learn the basics, from scoring to rules and etiquette, along with on-ice instruction on how to throw a rock, sweep, and play a game.

Like what you see? You might just want to become a regular, and be able to show off your new-found knowledge when the Milano Cortina games roll around in 2026!

Learn more about this ancient Scottish sport on Facebook at petershamcurlingclub60.

Sounds of the Past Sounds of the Past
If pianos are your passion, you absolutely must visit the Frederick Collection of Historic Pianos in Ashburnham — and the concerts presented each fall and spring there.

The Collection— assembled by Patricia and Edmund Frederick — encompasses more than two dozen grand pianos, by important makers whose instruments were highly regarded in their day. The instruments, acquired in basically good condition, with most of their original materials intact (especially soundboards) are carefully restored to sound as they would have when first crafted.

In presenting the Historical Piano Concerts at the New Dawn Arts Center in Ashburnham Center, the Fredericks work to match each instrument to a specific composer or generation of composers known to have used or preferred that make and vintage of piano. The period of pianos in the Collection extends from about 1790 to 1928, representing music from Haydn and Beethoven through the French Impressionists.

Looking for a unique concert experience? Check the Calendar section of this Guide (or visit for details on this fall’s concert schedule, running on Sunday afternoons from September 4 through October 9.


Take a Studio Tour
Are you curious about what local artists are creating these days? Looking for art to add to your collection? Or simply curious about the creative process?

Then Fitchburg has just what you need! The city’s Cultural Council is again organizing an Open Studios Tour, providing an opportunity for you to interact with creatives in their personal studios and workspaces, as well as “pop-up” locations in and around downtown Fitchburg and neighboring communities.

More than two dozen sites will be listed on the tour map, all within an easy walk or drive of each other. Ceramicists, photographers, painters, glass artists… the variety of artists who will welcome you on September 24 and 25 is amazing! Check out the up-to-date Fitchburg Open Studios list and map on Facebook, and take the tour!

westminster-dogGoing to the Dogs
This fall is your last chance to check out the painted pooches gracing sidewalks and front yards of Westminster’s Main Street!

Patriotic and playful, floral and fanciful, these creatively-adorned statues will be on display into October before being auctioned as a fund-raiser for the Westminster Village Foundation. You can see them any day — just swing through town on Route 2A — or take some time to visit them, up close and personal, during the Westminster Cracker Festival on October 15.

Decorated by area artists and residents, the dogs were “unleashed” last summer, and have been brightening local lives since then — but it’s time for them to be adopted by new owners.

Time is running out for you to go to the dogs and enjoy this playful public art!