Have a Berry Good Time

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Strawberries-in-MassachusettsRasberry-in-MassachusettsWith a nickname like “Johnny Appleseed Country,” you’d think that North Central Massachusetts is an apple-loving region — and, of course, it is!

But there’s so much more to enjoy in local fruit baskets, from those first juicy red strawberries in June through palate-pleasing July blueberries, then raspberries, cherries, and peaches… the list goes on, right up to the last variety of piecrust-bound apples in the fall. And you’re invited to head out into the fields and orchards to pick your own (or, if you’re feeling a tad bit lazy, stop by a local farmstand) to stock up your kitchen (and tummy) with the flavors of the season.

Think of it: Blueberry jam, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler … how can you resist the fresh fruits grown right here in Johnny’s backyard?

But there’s more to these local favorites than just eating, baking, canning and freezing the fruits of our farmers’ labors.

Strawberries-in-Massachusetts-Farm-1Here in North Central Massachusetts, we celebrate them all — with fairs and festivals, weekend after weekend, from late spring right through the fall.

Since Mother Nature is in charge — and can be a bit fickle, if not downright tricky — it can be difficult for farms and orchards to determine too far in advance when the first fruits will ripen, or be at their peak. But when the time is right, you’ll find strawberry festivals, peach festivals, apple festivals and more throughout the region.

Be sure to check the VisitNorthCentral website and Facebook pages often to see when the festivals move into full swing — and keep an eye, too, on popular spots like Carlson Orchard, Lanni Orchards, Red Apple Farm, Sholan Farms for announcements that it’s time to celebrate the bounty of the season!