Farewell to Winter, Welcome to Spring!

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Real maple syrup- it’s one of the many perks of living in New England. It’s a farewell to winter, a welcome to spring, and a delicious New England tradition.

The process of collecting sap from seemingly sleeping trees, creating clouds of steam, and producing that sweet delicacy known as maple syrup marks the change in seasons in Johnny Appleseed Country.

Farewell to Winter, Welcome to Spring!To see it happen and taste the results, visit Hollis Hills Farm  in Fitchburg on weekends from mid-March into April, or stop by Heifer Farm in Rutland on March 5-6 and 12-13, where you can also enjoy the syrup on pancakes!
If you’d like more information on how maple syrup is made, visit MassMaple.org. Below is a list of local sugar houses you can visit for the tasty treat (just make sure to call beforehand to see if they have it in stock), along with our visitor center between exits 35 and 34 westbound on Rt. 2.



Dave’s Sugar House
Hollis Hills Farm
Boggastowe Farm
Sweet Water Sugarhouse
Rock Island Farm