Exercise or Fun? How About Both!

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A great way to keep in shape while enjoying yourself in the summer is by finding a nice body of water to work those arms out in. Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding are all ways to stay in shape while having a good time by yourself, or with your friends. Not to mention paddle boarding can give you those rock hard abs you only see in movies! Whether it be in a lake or a gentle river, all three activities will require a lot of exercise but are a ton of fun!

One of the most important things to remember while out in the water, is to look around. While you’re floating out there, keep your eyes peeled because there is so much for you to see! Whether you want to look at the land and see the majestic flowers growing along the shores, or poking your head over the side and glancing at the fish swimming aroundExercise or Fun. You are bound to see so many beautiful creatures that you will not be able to see from the land. These waters are homes to so many, so be respectful to the environment while you visit these magnificent places.

One place that is known for the stunning views and amazing adventures is Nashoba Paddler Rentals. This site has rentals for all kinds of water fun. Whether it be a single canoe, a double kayak, or even a stand up paddle board! Nashoba Paddler rentals has it all. One of the best parts about here is you can rent for a day, two days or however many you want! If that doesn’t seem like enough time for you, you’re in luck. They have Season Passes! You pay one fee and you are good for the entire season.

Kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding are things that can be fun alone, or with a group. You can float down the river, or race across a lake! There are no limitations. They can be known as competitive sports, or something to relax yourself. With a few gentle strokes of a paddle there is no telling how far you will go.

Sometimes all you need in your stress filled life is a break. Out on the open waters is just the place for that break. Put on your life vests, grab a paddle, and get out there! The open waters are waiting to be explored.