Drawbridge Puppet Theater

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In this age of cell phone game apps and DVD players in the back seats of cars, it’s easy to forget that entertainment used to be much more personal.

You can still enjoy the personal touch at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater in Lunenburg. Founder and puppeteer “Mr. Paul” began his career when he was in elementary school and learned to be a ventriloquist, using a ”Charlie McCarthy” puppet. In subsequent decades, he performed at the former Whalom Park in Fitchburg, toured nationally with his puppets, and created the Lunenburg theater. Sadly, “Mr. Paul” passed away in September 2012, but fellow puppeteer “Mr. Jeff” announced plans to continue the season. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, it’s a good idea to check the website before heading to the theater.

Each month brings a new show — based on familiar tales like “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Sleeping Beauty” to Greek myths like “The Adventures of Perseus.” There are two shows each weekend, at 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are only $5, and visitors can see the puppets up close and personal after the show, and talk to the puppeteers. Learn more about the puppet theater at www.drawbridgepuppets.com.