Davis Mega Maze: Have An A-maze-ing Time!

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When You Need to Get Away from It All …

Are you feeling confused? A bit frustrated? Don’t know which way to turn?

Yes, everyone’s been feeling that way lately. But forget, for a while, the complications of the pandemic — and tune into the exciting, entertaining, and brain-teasing challenges of the 2020 Mega Maze in Sterling.

Talk about an escape from the stresses of daily life — in this massive, eight-acre corn maze, you can wander through three miles of puzzling pathway networks. You can stop to play a game, like the Harvest Toss, or Bridge Punch Challenge. You can take a break with your smart phone for a little Mobile Mazing or Geo Questing.

And, if you’re lucky (and persistent), you’ll eventually find your way to the exit.


Maze-goers enjoy some competition on the obstacle course.

New Adventures Await You

The Davis family has been inviting visitors to test their wits against increasingly complex cornfield mazes for more than two decades. Every maze presents new physical and mental challenges and offers exciting new concepts. The 2020 Mega Maze is designed to be the world’s best corn maze — so big that it can take you three hours (or more) to complete the course. Don’t have that much time? It’s possible to wend through it in a half hour, if you want to skip some of the fun and games along the way.

What kind of fun is hiding in this multi-level cornfield? Consider these: the hammer bells, the field goal kick, slingshots, end goal slide…and a dozen other games. In fact, you’ll find surprises and photo-ops around nearly every bend!

Given that this is a BIG challenge, you might be concerned about some of the basic necessities of life. Have no fear! This maze is so big, it even contains porta-potties and a snack shack to keep you going. 

Of course, in keeping with the overall 2020 situation, social distancing and other safety rules apply; and as always, children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Other general rules can be found on the Mega Maze website.

Chill Out

Once you’ve made it through the twists and turns of the maze, you’re likely to need a little rest and refreshment — and you’re covered there, too. The Mega Maze offers dozens of food and beverage options, including local craft beers and ciders.

And on weekends — is there anything better than an autumn weekend in New England? — live music fills the air. 

Story by: Pat Gale