Batter Up!

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BATTER UPWhen the weather warms, the boys of summer take to the field — and in Johnny Appleseed Country, that means baseball season at Doyle Field.

If you enjoy the national pasttime, you’re going to love watching the Futures Collegiate  League Baseball games! There are no nose-bleed seats at Leominster’s Doyle Field; you get to see the action up close at every game.

And don’t worry about remembering players’ stats. This is college ball, and every season brings a new crop of players, creating new teams to cheer on throughout the season. What’s more, you never know — one of these players just might make it to the big leagues some day!

Now entering its seventh year, the Futures League offers a chance for families to enjoy baseball — and ballfield snacks — at affordable prices.

And don’t forget Digger! Proudly wearing the number K9 on his jersey,  Digger is the team mascot and a fan favorite. He loves having his photo taken with fans, and has been known to instigate a foot (or paw) race around the bases with youngsters, just for fun.

BATTER UPDoyle Field is a family-friendly place, encompassing a football stadium and  track, plenty of bleachers and a fenced in field. The season includes special nights, too, with tributes to the military, or promoting outdoor fitness, adding to the home-town experience.

No matter when you’re visiting Johnny Appleseed Country this summer, you’re almost sure to be able to take in a ballgame. The Dirt Dawgs season starts on June 1 with a home game, and wraps up in early August. The  league has a busy schedule, so there are plenty of chances to see some great baseball. Most games start at 6:15 pm (Sundays at 4:35). To see the full schedule, visit the team’s website,