Yoga in Good Company

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Yoga-with-Alpaca-in-MassachusettsYou’ve burned your calories at the gym, speed-walked laps around the local high school track, and sweated to the oldies in your living room. Now it’s time to concentrate on relieving stress and improving your strength, flexibility and breathing with an afternoon of yoga.

Since you’re in here in the rural beauty of North Central Massachusetts, why not combine the benefits of that ancient practice with a real down-to-earth country experience?

Several local farms offer outdoor yoga sessions — that you are invited to share with llamas, alpacas, and maybe even dairy cows!

A dozen friendly animals at In the Meadow Alpaca Farm in Lunenburg are always happy to share their grassy home with visitors. The farm invites you to “alpaca your yoga mat” and enjoy an hour long practice that is suitable for all levels. There’s plenty of time, too, to interact with the alpacas before and after practice and take as many selfies as you like.

Plain View Farm in Hubbardston is inhabited by both alpacas and llamas, all of them eager to join in a relaxing afternoon of yoga for all levels. Once you’ve unwound and left your stresses behind, you’re welcome to meet, greet and take selfies with the llamas and alpacas, including Hyacinth, a newly adopted llama! And don’t forget to check out the alpaca fiber products in the farm’s shop.

Want a more traditional New England “down on the farm” experience? Roll up your mat and make a visit to Smith’s Country Cheese in Winchendon. Cheese, of course, is made from milk, and a lot of tasty milk comes from cows — so your partners in the yoga field will be dairy cows. They don’t mind a bit sharing their expansive meadow with visitors! And when you’re done, you’ll want to spend some time browsing the country store, where the coolers are filled with fresh cheeses, made right there at the farm, and a host of specialty local foods.

Outdoor yoga sessions are offered sporadically throughout the spring and summer and continue into the fall at these local farms. To check on upcoming events, check their Facebook pages — especially since weather can dictate schedules.

Not into Yoga?

If you love the idea of communing with nature — and adorable animals — how about taking a hike … with goats?

Central Mass. Goat Rental in Lunenburg, has goats that love to eat all that unwelcome growth that’s overtaking your property (even poison ivy!) — and also enjoy a stroll through the countryside with you! They’re great hiking companions, and entertaining, too!

Whatever your exercise preferences, c’mon and talk … walk … and stretch with the animals right here in North Central Massachusetts.

Where to Find the Farms:

In the Meadow Farm
40 Page Street
Lunenburg, MA
Plain View Farm
130 Gardner Road
Hubbardston, MA
Smith’s Country Cheese
20 Otter River Road
Winchendon, MA