Let The Duck Race Begin!

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Amazing Duck RaceIt is that time of year again! Have you been training all year since the last race? Are you ready to show the world what you are really made of? The Amazing Duck Race is Sunday, June 26th at 6pm. Don’t let the opportunity pass you. Register a duck and cheer them on from the sidelines as they try to paddle to the finish line and claim that cash prize! What better way to get your summer started than by standing on the side of Riverfront Park in Fitchburg as your duck outswims all the other ducks? This race is a great way to have the community come together and cheer on their ducks leaving the race completely up to chance. Everyone has an equal opportunity to be the duck race champion.

All the ducks are thrown into the river at once so there is absolutely no way to have an advantage, or disadvantage in the race. The only way your odds may be higher than others is if you decide you need more than one duck to get the job done. Ducks can be adopted singly, or by flocks. You can adopt one duck for $5, two ducks for $10, or a whole flock of five ducks for only $20! If that doesn’t seem like enough ducks to you, buy a large flock of thirteen ducks for $50! All proceeds from duck adoptions go to benefit Fitchburg Civic Days. Each duck has the same level of expertise when it comes to swimming in the Nashua River, so all you need to do is cheer the loudest to encourage that little duck to paddle hard.

The duck race is supposed to be a fun, friendly, competition, and with every competition comes a nice prize. The duck race wants as many people to be happy as possible, so this race doesn’t just had a top three winners. It has a top six! The top six will be receiving a prize, and if that doesn’t seem like enough to you don’t fret it. The last place duck gets a prize too! Coming in last place isn’t always a bad thing according to the duck race judges. With a total of 7 prizes being handed out why wouldn’t you want to join in on this duck action?

To purchase a duck visit http://www.fitchburgma.gov/596/Civic-Days or if you’re a last minute duck racer you can adopt a duck the day of the race at the event. With the big race quickly approaching clear