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You’re in the country, where farms and forests abound — so don’t be surprisedice cream cone when you find menu options like Cherry Moose Tracks, Cowabunga Crunch, Grasshopper, or Black Raspberry.

Whatever you choose, you know there will be lots of flavor in every scoop of these locally-produced ice cream treats. No matter where you travel in this region, you’re sure to find an ice cream shop that puts a personal twist on the dessert that’s been pleasing palates for centuries — some of them churning up that goodness from their own herd of dairy cows! As you travel the byroads of North Central Massachusetts, be sure to plan a stop at one of the farms, dairy bars, or ice cream shops along the way. Looking for more than a cone of coolness? Let your belt out a notch and dig into a sundae, topped with anything from a traditional hot fudge to seasonal treats like strawberry rhubarb in the spring, or apple pie cobbler in the fall.

Down on the Farm

A snack stop becomes country entertainment, too — when you stop to watch the dairy cows in the field at Rota Spring dairy bar in Sterling while you’re checking out ice cream flavors like Indian Pudding, Ginger, or limitededition Lavender or Lemon Dream delights. And Murdock Farm in Winchendon has been producing ice cream for over 60 years! Although the farm no longer makes ice cream from its own milk, the creamy dessert is still made on premises, and you can watch the farm’s Longhorn and Watusi cattle—along with cows, pigs and goats—roam in the field. The working family farm also has great views, all the way to Wachusett Mountain in Princeton and Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire.

Hungry for More?

Before you dig into that supersize scoop of creaminess, you might want to enjoy a New England lunch of friend clams and scallops, or a lobster roll. Swing by Kimball Farm’s Lancaster shop; it’s is one of the company’s four locations and has been scooping up delicious ice cream — made at its store in nearby Westford — for more than a decade Stop by on a Friday evening, and you can check out dozens of classic and vintage cars at Kimball’s Cruise Night. Along with ice cream, Lickity Splitz in Winchendon has a full menu of lunch offerings, too. And The Kitchen Garden’s assortment of home-baked pastries — including astoundingly delicious Scandinavian breads that will keep you coming back to Templeton for more.

So Many Choices!

Still searching for the perfect flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth? Plan a visit to Cherry Hill in Lunenburg or Cherry Hill Too in Townsend. Although they don’t make their own confections, the ice cream scooped up at these dairy bars is made right here in Massachusetts by Bliss Brothers.

Taking a tasty tour of North Central Massachusetts on a warm, sunny day?

Here are some great ice cream bars to check out while you see the sights!


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