It’s a Ducky Day!

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All together now: “Rubber Ducky, you’re the one….”

ducky dayCan you sing it? If you grew up with the PBS icon, Sesame Street — or turned it on for your kids — the song is ingrained in your brain.

But while Ernie’s song centered on his bathtub, the folks in Fitchburg think of a much bigger waterway when contemplating rubber duckies.

And this year, they’re thinking of an unusually large duck, too.

When the annual Amazing Duck Race gets underway on July 9, thousands of yellow ducks will hit the waters of the Nashua River, heading downstream to the finish line. And watching over it all will be a 16-foot tall inflated bird, the official race mascot. A contest to name him runs through May 1; visit for a contest entry form.

With one big splash, the ducks will fly off the Riverfront Park bridge and jostle their way down the river, its banks lined with colorful foam “noodles” to help them stay on track. Can’t you just hear the crowd roaring, as young and old cheer their favorite — whose number they hold — toward success?

Want to get in on the excitement? Why not get your own ducky to cheer on?

The Amazing Duck Race is a fund-raiser to support Fitchburg’s Civic Days activities — including the July 4 parade, block party and fantastic fireworks. When you “buy” a duck, you not only get a chance to win up to $1,000, along with a gaggle of other prizes, but you also keep those fireworks popping!

Joining the fun is easy; you can buy (and name!) a single duck for $5, two for $10, a flock of five for $20 or a large flock of 13 for $50. Forms for buying ducks go on sale March 1 and will be available at the Mayor’s office on Boulder Drive, at the Johnny Appleseed Visitor Center on Route 2, and at many local convenience stores and downtown businesses.  You can also find the big duck and ducky order forms at all Civic Days activities…. then get ready to enjoy a really ducky time!