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Learn-to-Curl-in-MAGet Swept Away!

You’ve watched it on TV when the Winter Olympics rolled around, and wondered why the heck those people were using brooms to sweep the ice. Maybe you started to figure out just how points are scored, and maybe even started to get the hang of the strategy being used by the curling teams.

But if you’d like to know more about the game, or spend an evening cheering on a local team just for fun, check out the Petersham Curling Club –  Visit

Rock On!

rollstone-boulderIt’s an easy hike, a history lesson, and an opportunity to enjoy fabulous views, all rolled into one! On May 25, stop by the Boulder Art Gallery on Fitchburg’s Main Street and join local artist Peter Capodagli for a stroll to the top of Rollstone Hill. You’ll learn about the history of the Rollstone Boulder (which was brought down the hill in pieces and reassembled at the top of the Upper Common) and the quarries atop the hill.

Your reward for expending the exercise to reach the summit? A great view of the city below, and a peek at the outdoor art gallery created by generations of Fitchburg High School seniors. The walk from the Boulder to The Rock starts at 10 am and leads you past several historic and interesting sites, as it loops up Rollstone Hill and back to the Common.

It’s Just Ducky!

The-Amazing-Duck-Race-Fitchburg,-MAForget the Kentucky Derby and the Boston Marathon. Fitchburg has a race you can watch without wearing a fancy hat or standing for hours along a country road in all kinds of weather.

It’s the Amazing Duck Race, and it turns the spotlight on the river that once powered industry throughout the city and region. The race is a key ingredient in Fitchburg’s annual Civic Days celebration.

Picture it: thousands of bright yellow rubber duckies floating, bobbing, swirling their way downstream, heading toward Riverfront Park and their cheering admirers. Why all the cheering? Well, each of those duckies has a sponsor hoping to win a prize.

And you don’t have to spend hours waiting for the results: the winning ducks usually cross the finish line in less than 30 minutes! Race day, though, is about more than just the speed of the yellow toys—it’s a day filled with music, activities for kids of all ages, face-painting, food and tons of fun. This year’s event runs from 11 am to 2 pm on Sunday, July 7 at Riverfront Park on Commercial Street in Fitchburg. Bring the family for a ducky day of fun!

yoga-alpacas-massachusettsTake Time to Relax!

Feeling stressed? Need to stretch your body and your mind? Want to immerse yourself in the calm of the countryside?

We’ve got just what you need: Yoga with the Alpacas! Let your worries fade away in the warmth of the sun, the chirping of birds, and the soft hum of alpacas as you focus on mindful yoga movements on the farm.

On Saturday mornings from mid-April through October, In the Meadow Farm at 40 Page St. in Lunenburg offers Yoga with the Alpacas, a one-hour session that will help you relax after a busy week. And you don’t need Yoga experience—the program is great for beginners, too. You’ll get a chance to meet these gentle animals up close and personal, shop for cute and practical products made from alpaca fiber, and head home feeling rejuvenated! Learn more at