Adventure Knows No Bounds

  • David Ginisi

Trees are no obstacle for adventures in North Central Massachusetts. In fact, wending your way along a forest trail is a fine way to spend the afternoon, with not a care in the world, the sun peeking through the leaves and friends sharing the experience.

Oh, did we mention the part about making that trek at 10, 15, or even 40 feet above the ground? After all, the rope course for kids and adults at Boundless Adventures are all about altitude.

The eco-friendly aerial adventure park in Berlin features treetop obstacle courses for participants aged seven and up.

The park has a mission: to empower and inspire people to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. For participants, the mission is to face such challenges as the zip line, ladders and rope bridges.


No Limits

The challenges in the five-acre park are available for tree climbers of every skill level; there are four different types of courses in varying degrees of difficulty, and nine courses in total. Beginners can try the Exploration course, “just” 10 feet off the ground, with challenges like a low-speed zip line.

Intermediate “motivation” courses, at 15 feet, including longer zip lines, ladders, and rolling elements. The strength courses, at 22 to 26 feet, test both strength and agility with harder ladders, harder rolling elements, and bridges.

And then there are the Conqueror Courses – a cool 30 to 40 feet off the ground – featuring the park’s hardest ladders and bridges, requiring balance, strength, stamina, and agility.


Safety First:

With all that zipping and climbing going on, safety has not been forgotten. Participants wear full-body harnesses and are locked on to a safety line through an always “on belay” system that does not allow the users to fully disconnect from the safety line. Before heading out to the course, participants also attend a safety briefing and harness education process. Learn more at


Not Big on Heights?

            If you like to feel more grounded, spectators are welcome – so friends and family members who aren’t up to the tree challenge can comfortably watch climbers from the trails and benches along the way. Participants and spectators are free to bring lunch and relax at picnic tables. Looking for an adventure? Take a walk through the woods – at any level.