Zapata, a restaurant with Mexican flavors abroad

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Zapata, a restaurant with Mexican flavors abroad

The gastronomic richness of Mexico is something that must be presumed and much more abroad. One way to do this is to conquer new palates and show the world the quality and respect we have when eating.


Zapata, a project of a builder and a chef, now adorns the streets of Massachusetts with the colors of Mexico.

Michel Coronado and his partner were in charge of setting up the restaurant from scratch. Every detail was supervised by both until everything was ready.

The dining room includes rustic wood and polished metals, with a beautiful bar that reveals the magic of the kitchen. The walls of red partition, metal beams that give depth and some details with Mexican touches, such as a zarape, decorate to perfection.

The name “Zapata Mexican Cocina” arises from the revolution of the kitchen abroad.


Michel Coronado studied industrial engineering and systems but he realized that his vocation was cooking and decided to change his studies to a Bachelor of Gastronomy at the School of University Studies Center Vizcaya de las Américas.

He started working as a dishwasher and little by little his passion led him to an internship in the restaurant of Eneko Atxa Azurmendi, three Michelin stars in Bilbao Spain. During this time one of his mentors was Chef Pablo Salas of the Amaranta Restaurant.

His restlessness continued in kitchens of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Boston MA. Until a year ago his Zapata Mexican kitchen project was finally inaugurated in Fitchburg Massachusetts.

Without a doubt, a chef that we should not lose sight of and who is putting the name of Mexico on high.



The restaurant offers a simple menu with fresh flavors that vary by season. Thanks to the bar you can see the work of the chef as a blank canvas that is filled with color with each command that is served.

The products used in the restaurant come from local producers who daily supply the variety of vegetables that are used in the place.

On Tuesdays, a taco menu is served that shows a bit of the Street Food of our country, from the traditional carnitas and pastor, to vegetarian options, among them one of nopal with pico de gallo. Unusual flavors but that have been in great demand among customers in the area.

Esquites: they are prepared with guajillo chile and epazote. And they are served with Cotija cheese, mayonnaise, chilli powder, lemon juice and small sprouts for the presentation.

Res in Piloncillo: arrachera with piloncillo sauce and chipotle chili, accompanied by broccoli, cauliflower, carrot strips and zucchini. Served with guacamole, pea shoots and burnt tortilla. With this dish the chef plays with traditional flavors.

And to finish you can find a unique dessert.

Corn cake with goat cheese ice cream: a soft sweet corn cake served with a strawberry, blackberry and blueberry sauce. Decorated with praline and goat cheese ice cream.

LOCATION: 23 Lunenburg St. Fitchburg Massachusetts