Tasty, Tangy, Tart Little Berries

  • Visit North Central

Who is ready for those little blue delectable treats? It’s finally blueberry season! With the sun shining and the heat rising, why not embrace it with some sweet juicy blueberries!  Spend an hour or two picking those refreshing berries while making some fun new memories. Don’t care for plain blueberries? Then make a tasty goodie out of them! No fruit is too boring to turn into something delicious.

With such a large variety of farms in the area your options are endless on where you want to pick your blueberries from!  Bring a friend and enjoy the lands that people work so hard to keep going.  Visit the Carlson Orchards where they have being expanding their blueberry patch for over 25 years! This blueberry patch has been growing some of the best blueberries for decades now.  Another great location for blueberry picking is Lanni Orchards. Lanni Orchards is one of the largest farms with some of the most scrumptious fruits waiting to be harvest! Not to mention July 23rd and 24th they will be hosting their very own Blueberry Festival! What better way to join in on the blueberry fun than by attending a festival dedicated to just them? If you’re looking for some family fun and want to make a day trip of it, visit Red Apple Farm! They offer so many fun things to do that range from blueberry picking all the way to playing with the friendly farm animals.

tasty-tangy-tart-little-berriesWhen picking blueberries always remember on e thing, more is better! Make sure you grab enough blueberries to where you think that is plenty and then double it. That way you can make some delicious treats to enjoy rather than eating plain blueberries all the time.  Why not throw those blueberries into a pie, or a muffin, or even both! Meadowbrook Orchards does it so you should too! When you go to pick your blueberries at Meadowbrook Orchards don’t forget to grab some of their baked goods and compare them with your own recipes. Who’s the better bakers? There is only one way to find out.

Join in on the fun and really become a part of the blueberry loving season.  From picking those yummy little berries to creating a mess in the kitchen, the options are endless. Don’t let the season sneak by you. Grab a bag, fill it up, and see what you can make!