Snow on the Mountain!

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If a few warm afternoons and swaths of green grass in back yards and along highway median strips have you thinking the winter sports season is behind you, look up! A peek at the slopes of Wachusett Mountain will bring you back to reality, and assure you that there’s plenty of ski season still ahead!wachusett skiing

On Wednesday morning, the temperature at the Wachusett summit was a cool 22 degrees, there was more than five feet of snow base, and 26 of 27 trails were open — that’s plenty of space to accommodate your skiing desires!

Yes, February is always a finicky month in North Central Massachusetts, where you might enjoy a balmy 50 degrees one day, and before you know it, find yourself walking through a winter wonderland of freshly-fallen snow. But you can be sure that chilly nights — and Wachusett’s snow-making — will continue throughout the month.

Wondering what conditions are looking like on the mountain today? Check out the web cams at … you’ll find yourself reaching for your skis and heading out to Route 140 in Princeton for a perfect February day on the slopes!