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One sport that has always been considered a classier one is golf. It doesn’t have to be though. There are all forms of golf to try out, not just the quiet tournaments where if you talk, the other person will blame you for messing up their shot. Golf is one of the most underrated sports, when in reality, it has so much more to offer due to the various types of golf.

One version of golf that is probably the most popular to families is miniature golf. Miniature golf is a smaller version of golf where you have to maneuver around obstacles to get the ball in the hole at the end of each par. The hard part is, you want to do it with the smallest amount of strokes possible. Miniature golf leads to a great day with friends, a fun date with your significant other, or even an exciting family event. Miniature golf is for all ages, and you don’t need to be a professional to play it. Lancaster Golf Center has one of the most over the top miniature golf courses in the area! With a ton of twists and turns they make it fair game for everyone because it is so difficult to get by some of these obstacles with one swing!

A great way to blow off some steam is to go to a driving range. At a driving range you can purchase a bucket of balls and some clubs, (or bring your own clubs), and just swing away! See how far you can hit those balls. This is a great form of exercise as well as a really good way to get out some frustration. It doesn’t matter what you are frustrated about, swing at a couple golf balls and you are bound to feel better in no time! It is almost as if it should be an over the counter medicine because it works so well!

foreOne form of golf that is a little different than most forms is disk golf. Disk golf is when you are throwing a disk to a chained bucket rather than hitting a ball into a hole. This form of golf is great because it still has similar rules than regular golf, but gives people a new way to play. This allows people who may not be great at choosing which club to use an opportunity to show their competitors what they are made of, or not made of. A great place to try disk golf is Barre-Falls. They have a great course that is challenging while still enjoyable for old and new players.

Golf is something that is underrated by so many. But with so many various forms of golf, maybe those people just haven’t found which form is for them yet. It is a great way to relieve stress while enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Whether it be for a competition, or for fun, there are so many places to experience new and exciting courses. Grab a club, fill your basket, and get ready for a day filled with laughs.