Fall In Love with Fall Foliage

  • Visit North Central

What makes fall so alluring is the lovely views. Fall means that the exquisite foliage is in full swing – with its yellow, red, and orange color schemes. People crave to find the best views around. Fortunately, with its woodsy wanderlust nature, North Central Massachusetts is the perfect destination spot to find a variety of breath taking views.

You know that scenario when there’s too much beauty and you can’t stop taking pictures of everything? That’s what fall is like in North Central Massachusetts, so charge your phones, bring extra film, bring extra batteries, clear some memory because you will want to capture as much as you can.

  1. Route 2 – Central MA: One of Massachusetts central highways running east to west, is also one of the best places to see fall foliage views. Running through beautiful towns, such as, Groton, Leominster, Gardner, and Phillipston – there are numerous spots to see the crisp fall foliage in full blossom. Throw on some relaxing music, pick up a pumpkin spice latte, and coast down route 2, to see the captivating sites!
  2. Mount Wachusett State Reservation – Princeton & Westminster, MA: Mount Wachusett State Reservation is one of Central Massachusetts largest destination spots, especially in the fall with its 17+ miles of trails with beautiful fall scenery and foliage views. Wachusett also hosts numerous fall events, like Applefest, and Oktoberfest!
  3. Fruitland’s Museum – Harvard, MA: These scenic fall trails cover over 2 miles of beautiful doanes-falls-royalston-by-dorothy-millermeadows, wetlands, woodlands, and pine barren. The charming trails become even more enchanting during the autumn months, when the reds, oranges and yellows make the trail environments pop.
  4. The Midstate Trail – Central Massachusetts: The Mid-state Trail is perfect for fall, with its trails winding through 14 North Central Massachusetts Communities, and stretching its trails to even Rhode Island and New Hampshire. There is a ton of foliage views to check out! No matter where you are located in North Central there is definitely a slither of fall waiting to be scene!
  5. Doane’s Falls – Royalston, MA: Doane’s Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Massachusetts. Made up of a series of five waterfalls, this .8 mile trail of the Millers River is managed by the Trustees of Reservations.Descend a short streamside trail and get an up-close experience with a raucous series of plunging falls.
  6. Mount Watatic – Ashburnham, MA:  Looking for more fall foliage on the mountain trails? This 3-mile hike is flawless for anyone looking for a moderate hike that still has stunning fall views from the peek, but not as challenging as some larger mountains.
  7. Leominster State Forest – Leominster, Fitchburg, Princeton, Sterling, & Westminster, MA: From hiking and mountain biking to rock climbing and fishing, Leominster State Forest has everything for outdoor enthusiasts. Covering 4,246 acres this State Forest offers an amazing variety of trails and old dirt roads to explore.
  8. dsc_0053Red Apple Farm – Phillipston, MA: A local fan favorite, Red apple Farm combines all of the best things about fall! With pick your own apples, pumpkins, blueberries, peaches, pears and potatoes, there is definitely something to bring home for the whole family! Also check out, Fall BBQs, hayrides, and farm animals!
  9. Bancroft Castle – Groton, MA: Sitting at the top of Gibbet Hill sits the remains of Bancroft Castle. The paths up to the castle, and around the top of the hill are well-kept, and there’s ample opportunity to wander within the ruins of the castle, and inspect its tower, great double hearth, and stone walls.
  10. Coggshall Park – Fitchburg, MA: Coggshall Park is captivating in the fall months. With its sparkling pond surrounded by fall foliage, it is bound to be the perfect place to have a picnic with friends or go for a walk with the family! Just don’t forget the hot cider!

You might not even have enough free-time during the fall to visit all these amazing places so you will have to come back again next fall. All the alluring views, the bright colored leaves, hilltop views, and the foliage road trips. The list for things to do in North Central Massachusetts may not be endless, but it certainly is a list you need to plan out with your family because of the numerous places to go.


Here are some tips to see some of the best views and to avoid traffic:

  • Don’t worry about missing the “peak” of fall here. The glorious scarlets and golds will still be there for much of Fall.
  • A single crimson maple in the foreground with a white church behind and a light blue sky will be far more effective than a panoramic distant view.
  • Bring extra batteries and a spare memory card for your camera.
  • Get off the beaten path. Seek out the back roads that meander through woodlands, farm country and small villages. Discover our stone walls, town commons and farm stands.
  • Colors are most vivid in early morning light. Get up early! And get out of your car! Our crisp and sunny days will welcome you outside.
  • Late-afternoon light provides contrast of color against darkness.
  • Rain brings out trees’ vivid colors, which run the rainbow.
  • Ask the experts for advice – local people, forest rangers whose job it is to report on foliage conditions in their area. Ask them, “Where would you go?”
  • Valleys and lowland areas are among the first to change color. Look for swamp maples in the marshes.
  • Weekday trips will have less traffic. But don’t worry if you come for the weekend. Our roads are much less congested than our neighbors to the North and West of us.
  • Book your hotel in advance.